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Life as an immigrant in the United States is very difficult when you’re yet to get a source of income. This is why it is advisable for immigrants to get a job in the U.S.

The United States government in its bid to minimize the financial challenges being faced by immigrants has enforced policies that enable Immigrants to get jobs and as long as they possess a credible visa or work permit.

In this article, we will be discussing the best Jobs you can get as an immigrant in the United States as well as the requirements needed and how to apply for those jobs. 

Best Jobs in U.S for immigrants in 2023

The U.S is not christened “the Land of Opportunities” for nothing, its economy is backed up by a large variety of sectors, each generating huge revenues to the government as well as creating job opportunities for the people.

This is why as an immigrant, you can get employed as any of the following;

• Office Clerk 

• Cashier 

• Customer Service Representative.

• Elementary School Teacher.

• Data Scientist 

• Medical Assistant 

• Administrative Assistant 

• Physician Assistant 

• Software Developer.

• Speech-Language Teacher.

• Nurse.

• Logistics 

• Medical Scientist.

• Market Research Analyst.

• Veterinarian 

• Physical Therapist.

• Therapy Assistant.

• General and Operations Manager.

• Fashion Designer.

• Database Administrator.

• Home Health Aide.

• High School Teacher

• Personal Care Aide.

• Accountant.

• Database Administrator.

• Stockers and Order Filler.

• Public Relations Officer

• Sales rep.

• Janitor.

• Fast Food and Counter Worker.

• Software engineer

• Car maintenance expert

• Gatekeeper

• Driver

• Graphics designer.

The list goes further than this but also note that you must meet the qualifications stated out for any of those jobs before your application can be considered.

Job Requirements for Immigrants in the U.S

To get a job in the United States as an immigrant, there are certain criteria which you must meet. These requirements may differ according to the type of job you are applying for.

• As an immigrant, you must posses the following;

• Have a work permit or a credible visa

• A University Degree or its equivalent

• Have a knowledge of the field of work you are applying for.

• Be proficient in the use of the English language.

• Must have no criminal record

• Must have had at least one year work experience.

• Possess good communication skills.

• Must be able to cooperate and interact with others in the same workspace.

How to apply for a Job with visa in the U.S as an immigrant

Do you know you can get a job in the United States that can sponsor Visa?. Of course, you can but it’s quite difficult to get.

To apply for a job with Visa sponsorship in the U.S, follow these few steps.

• Make sure you have a secured internet service in your device

• Go to the Twinist website

• Click on the “Jobs” option under the category.

• Select or enter the job you intend to apply for.

• Input your ZIP code in the specified bar and click search. 

• A list of job vacancies will pop up, go through the list and see which one best suits you.

• Go through the requirements, eligibility and other details of the job you’re interested in.

• If you’re eligible and interested in the job, you can now click “Apply here”.

Note: any little error made in filling the application form might jeopardize your chances of landing the job. Make sure you correctly fill in your details in the application form in addition to your curriculum vitae.

How to Apply for jobs via USAJOBS.GOV as an immigrant

USAJOBS.Gov is a platform created by the federal government of the United States to enable job seekers to find job vacancies in Federal agencies.

This website makes job hunting easy as you only need to search for the job you are looking for with keywords and you get a list of available job vacancies matching your search.

To apply for a job via this platform, you can follow these few steps;

• Make sure your device has a secured internet connection

• Go to USAJOBS. GOV website

• Search for a job by entering the keywords of the job or occupation you are interested in. 

• Fill in your ZIP code in the required text space.

• Go through the list of job vacancies that pops up and select the one you’re interested in.

• Click on “Apply” when you’re done reading the requirements and eligibility for the job.

How to check USA Job application status

After applying for a job, it is very important that you follow up to see the progress of your job application.

You can track your job application status through these steps;

• Make sure you have a secured internet connection

• Go to USAJOBS.GOV website

• Click on the “sign in” icon 

• Input your email address and password to sign in to your USA job profile.

• Click on “Applications” on the home screen.

• Click on “Track this application” to see the status of your job application.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long does the Recruitment Process Take?

The duration of the recruitment process does not have a specific time frame as it depends solely on the organization which you applied to work for.

What Immigration Papers do I need to be able to Work in the U.S.?

As an immigrant or non citizen, you would be punished by the law if you do not have either a work permit or a permanent residence visa.

How do I know if a Job is Open to Immigrants?

To know if a job is open to immigrants, click on the “who may apply” button after reading the terms and conditions of the job.


The large varieties of opportunities in the United States has been one of the major reasons why the number of Immigrants in the U.S is on the increase.

The U.S government has created an enabling platform for Immigrants to get access to jobs and be a beneficiary of its diversified economy.

However, haunting for jobs in the U.S as an immigrant can be quite an herculean task. This article does not only give you a list of USA jobs you can apply for now, it also enlightens you on how you can apply for jobs as well as to track your application status.

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