13 ways to Immigrate to Canada


Sequel to the setbacks caused by Labour shortages on the Canadian economy with further threats of an even larger damage in a few years time, the Canadian government have been putting all hands on deck to ensure that the shortage in labour is reversed.
One of the ways in which the Canadian government plans to curb their labour problem is through the immigration programs to allow immigrants into the country and join their labour market.
This means that if you’ve been thinking of migrating to Canada for a while now, this is probably your best chance of doing so as you wouldn’t have such an opportunity again when Canada is done solving her Labour problems. 

13 ways you can easily immigrate to Canada in 2023.

(1)  Express Entry

This is the most popular and fastest way to immigrate to Canada. This program was made by the Canadian government to admit highly skilled immigrants in the country’s force.
If you have a skill or professional knowledge in any occupation that is needed in Canada, then you have a higher chance of  immigrating to Canada through this platform.
However, to be eligible, you must be very proficient in the use of the English language.

(2).  Provincial Nominee Programs

This Platform is a program where the provinces in Canada nominate individuals who are not citizens of Canada to be admitted as immigrants and integrated into their work force.
The Provincial nominations are based on the required skills and professionals that are needed in those provinces. So before you apply for any provincial nominee program, go through the list of skills that are needed in those provinces.

(3).  Quebec

This is a Provincial government program that aims at admitting immigrants who are francophones into the province.
Quebec is headed by Francois legault who is bent on addressing the labor shortages in Quebec and boosting its economy.
Proficiency in the use of French language will be very essential in applying for this program unless you already have a job in hand.

(4)  Employer driven pilot programs.

This program was created to address the needs of specific sectors with chronic labor shortages. Unlike other programs, you don’t apply directly for this program.
Through this program, employers choose individuals to be immigrated into Canada for the purpose of occupying the needed job vacancies that are very essential for the running of the sector.

(5) start up visa

This is a business program aimed at immigrating business minded individuals into Canada.
Eligible candidates must have a business idea or plan and must have an investor or group of investors ready to invest into their  business or business idea.
Applicants must be experienced in business management in Canada before applying for permanent residence.

(6) Provincial business programs

These are entrepreneurship programs run by Provinces and see under PNPs.
Like PNPs, specific requirements are skills that are needed to apply. These skills are according to the labour demands of those specific provinces or regions.

(7) Self employed programs

These programs were created specifically for immigrants that are self employed or have the ability to be self employed so as to enable immigrants to invest into the economy and create more jobs for its population.
This program is treated differently from that of skilled workers because of the fact that it’s a means of drawing foreign investors to invest into the Canadian economy.

(8) Spouse, Partners and children family program

This is an Immigration program that enables families to apply for immigration into Canada. The spouse or conjugal partner can be of any sex while the kids must be under the age of 22.
This program is open to Individuals from outside or within Canada and isn’t restricted to any nationality apart from Canadians. This program enables parents and spouses to get work permits while their applications are still being processed.

(9) Parents and grandparents program

This is a lottery based family immigration program that admits over 28,000 immigrants every year.
The candidates are being chosen randomly just like lotteries. However, due to issues of finding fair methods of carrying out the lottery system, this program has been suspended since 2020 but there are hopes that it will be brought back in 2023.

(10) Study and post graduation work permit

Canada has laid down rules for students to become Permanent residents. First, they need to get a study Permit to study in any of the Educational institutions in Canada. Next, after graduation, candidates can apply for post graduation work permit to gain experience in the labour market in Canada then after that, they can now apply for permanent residence.
It is worthy to note that about 750 thousand international students are admitted into Canada’s educational institutions every year with a large fraction of that amount willing to become permanent residents. So the competition  that already exists in this pathway is already very high.

(11) Temporary Workers Programs

These are Programs designed for workers who are only going to work in Canada for a short period of time. They are given temporary work permits which expire together with their job contract.

(12).  Buy A Business in Canada

Canada is ready to issue permits for permanent residence to non citizens that purchase firms, business and industries in Canada. It’s a means of incentivising foreign investors to invest in Canada.
An outright residential permit isn’t given to investors but there are laid down rules and pathways to applying for permanent residence through this platform.

(13) Refugee Program

As part of its humanitarian support to war ravaged nations, Canada has opened its borders to accommodate citizens of War famished countries to seek refuge.
Only citizens of the countries listed by Canada are considered as refugees and can apply under the refugee Immigration program.


Canada’s high standard of living has no doubt been a major factor of attraction to immigrants. While Canada is currently battling some shortages in their labour market, it presents an opportunity for interest individuals to migrate to Canada
Immigrating to Canada can be quite tasking and difficult. However, it is very essential to know how to apply for immigration and the sort of channel to use.
In this article, I have briefly highlighted 13 ways in which you can immigrate to Canada in 2023 and I hope it becomes useful to you in your quest to migrate to Canada.

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