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Canada’s agricultural sector has constantly been in a state of rapid growth and development, owing to huge investments that have been made to harness the utilities of Canada’s fertile soil.

Spread across Canada are fruit farms, gardens, orchards and vineyards with many regions growing different farm produce according to their geographic profiles.

So far, the agricultural sector in Canada has been experiencing shortage in labor and part of government intervention is to offer Fruit picking jobs to non citizens.

However, due to the seasonal nature of agriculture, these jobs are seasonal and can only last for a maximum of 24 months (2 years) but the good thing about it is that you do not need an educational degree to get it and the job is open to all non-citizens around the globe.

Here are some details of fruit picking jobs in Canada

Information on Fruit picking jobs in Canada, 2023


Canada Agriculture worker program



Eligible nationalities

All nationalities

Award Nation



No date yet

Benefits of Fruit picking jobs

The fact that it’s a seasonal job allows you to have multiple sources of income as you would have to have another kind of job when the harvesting season is gone. What it also means is that you can be able to pursue other goals during off seasons.

Fruit picking involves a lot of physical engagements in the farm, so it is a very good way to improve your physical fitness. Why go to the gym and pay for fitness classes when you can get a fruit picking job and improve your fitness as you get paid?

Agriculture is part of the Cultural heritage of a society. Getting a fruit picking job gives you an avenue to learn about the cultural heritage of the local residents as well as it gives you a platform to learn and interact with other people who may have a cultural background that is very different from yours.

Agriculture is the closest thing to nature, in fact, some consider agriculture as nature itself. Working in fruit farms, gardens and orchards makes you appreciate nature more and gives you the privilege of having to see beauty in nature’s true aesthetics

Fruit picking jobs are one of the safest jobs in the world. Think of factory workers who get exposed to poisonous substances and unhealthy conditions during work, risks like this do not exist in the farm. As a fruit picker, you won’t be exposed to any of the health hazards which an average factory worker is exposed to.

When you take on a fruit picking job, your accommodation, health and travel bills are being catered for so the cost of living in Canada will become less expensive

Hourly wages of Fruit picking jobs

The hourly wages of Fruit picking jobs depends on the region and the type of farm you are working on. Some fruits require a lot of procedures to harvest so in turn, the wages being paid is higher than that of other fruit farms.

However, the hourly wage of fruit workers ranges from $15 to $20 in Canada and in addition, your transportation, housing and medical expenses are also covered.

Stated below is information containing regions in Canada and how much wage they pay for fruit picking.

Wages of workers in some regions in Canada



British Columbia




New Brunswick


Newfoundland and Labrador


Nova Scotia




Prince Edward island







In order for you to be eligible to apply for a fruit picking job in Canada, you must meet the following conditions;

Youust must not be a citizen of Canada

The job is open to any gender (it’s not gender specific).

At the time of application, you must be at the age of 18 and above.

You must be proficient in the use of English language

Documents needed

For individuals who are interested in applying for a fruit picking job in Canada, the following documents will be needed;

International Passport

Certified travel papers

Proof of payment

Proof of Accommodation 

Work experience

Application letter

Medical Certificate

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada

Search for Vacancies: Go to farms, orchards, and agricultural firms in the region to search for vacancies. You can also do this online by searching on the internet for any fruit picking job vacancy or check news outlets and other media for job vacancies.

Organize your Resume and Cover Letter: your resume should highlight the relevant skills that might be needed and also work experience relating to the fruit picking job. Your cover letter should be written in a way that persuasively communicates your professionalism and your optimism to contribute greatly to the firm. Top apply for the job, CLICK HERE

Contact the Hiring firms

After finding available vacancies and preparing both your resume and cover letter, the next step is making contact with the firm you intend to work for.

Do this by sending your application letter in addition to your resume and cover letter to the official email address provided by the hiring firm.

 Follow up your job application

After sending your application for the job, wait for a considerable period of time to get feedback. If you didn’t get abt feedback, you can opt into contacting the hiring firm to follow up the application but you need to do this very politely.


If you are currently in Canada or planning to migrate to Canada and you are looking for a reasonable source of income, then you should consider taking the fruit picking job.

The fruit picking job is only open to Individuals who are not citizens of  Canada.  Which means that no matter your nationality, as long as you’re not a Canadian, you have a chance at landing the job.

In this article, I’ve properly explained the benefits, eligibility and methods of application for a Fruit Picking Job in Canada 2023 and I hope you find it insightful.

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