The Most Cost Effective Way to Move To Spain

 Moving to another country is not an easy task. It involves huge financial commitments. There are several ways to move to Spain including job offer, schooling, uniting with families etc.

The Centre of discussion here is moving to Spain to study. Whilst traditional studies may be very expensive if you do not secure schorarship, there are alternative ways to obtain study visa and subsequently, residence permit.

This partway is going for language course for one year. This course entitles you to student visa and also allows you to work whilst studying.

The documents you will need for this type of visa are:  

1. Invitation letter with your Spanish course details (and accommodation if booked) 

2. Receipt of the full payment of tuition fee

3. Study plan describing the content of each level that you will study during the course 

Please note that the Spanish visa authorities (Spanish embassies and consulates in all countries) normally require that you pay for your course in full in order to grant a study visa. You would therefore need to make the full payment for your course to receive the necessary documentation and successfully apply for your visa. It can sometimes take several weeks (from 2 to 6 weeks, on average 1 month) to obtain the student visa after the application, so we highly recommend that you book the Spanish course and collect all other documents (apart from the school ones) as early as possible. In this way, you will be able to apply for and obtain your visa in the shortest time, and make your travel arrangements without further delay. 

You are allowed to work whilst studying. Do your more research before you apply. Some of the schools that offers the one year intensive programme are:

1. Camino Barcelona

2. Ole School

3. University of Salamanca

4. EF

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